A scholarministerpublic theologian ordained in the Black Baptist Church tradition, Reverend Jermaine M. McDonald is a PhD Candidate in religious studies (ethics and society) at Emory University. With research interests and expertise that includes the study of Black religion in the United States, American pragmatism, Christian social ethics, philosophical ethics, and the sociology of religion, Jermaine aims to shed light on the ways religion functions in public life and political discourse.

Though the church and the academy are jealous lovers, Jermaine is determined to live out his calling in both institutions. Part of Jermaine’s animus to this bivocational call springs from his firm belief that theories and theologies stripped from the practices of communities are without meaning. Thus, Jermaine’s work as a minister who is actively involved with a community of faith, informs his work as a scholar, and vice versa.

Jermaine loves the ministry and the academy equally, but neither compare to the love he has for his wife of four years, Janelle McDonald (nee Davis). She has been his muse and inspiration, lighting a fire under him to pursue higher education and never letting him get away with giving less than his best to God.